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Are you a young individual between the Ages of 18-35?

Do you have the passion for African Culture, fashion and social impact?

Are you interested in economically empowering Ghanaian artisans especially Kente weavers while economically empowering yourself?

We have good news for you.

Stand a chance of joining us on our mission of promoting African culture and creating social impact by signing up to be a Business Associate of Kente Master.

Kente Master-Clothing you with Royalty.


1. Must be preferably between the ages of 18-35years.
2. Must be passionate about African Culture, fashion and social impact.
3. Must possess good communication skills.
4. Must Be goal oriented
5. Must be conversant with social media.

Job Description
1. Be a brand ambassador for Kente Master in your area.
2. Market products to Schools, Institutions, and other interested customers in your area and
negotiate for contracts on behalf of Kente Master.
3. Conduct useful research and offer suggestions with regards to Kente Master’s line of
products, operations, marketing, expansion strategies and any other relevant area.
4. Look out for opportunities and programs relevant for Kente Master’s growth.

1. Get the opportunity to become part of our Global Brand.
2. Get paid a commission on every sale made and contract sealed.
3. Stand the chance of getting a certificate and other honorary awards based on satisfactory
4. Get the opportunity to represent Kente Master at very important functions.
5. Stand the chance of gaining relevant practical knowledge and experience on
Communication, marketing, entrepreneurship and other relevant skills.
6. Stand the chance of permanent employment.


Recruitment procedure
1. Applications open 25th October, 2017
2. Applications close 15th November, 2017.
3. Shortlisted applicants announced 1st December, 2017
4. Interviews 5th -10th December, 2017
5. Finalists announced 15th December, 2017

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