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Kente Master is a fabric artisan company committed to promoting African culture, entrepreneurship, and economic self-empowerment. We do this by servicing and providing a unique inventory of premium Kente graduation stoles. With Kente Master, you’ll receive authenticity, customizability and choice that can’t be found anywhere else.

Meet the Team

Peter Paul Akanko

Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Peter Paul founded Kente Master because he loved the stoles made by Kente weavers near Kumasi (his hometown) and wanted to expand their reach beyond that region. Through Kente Master, he hopes to connect the world with this powerful symbol of Ghanaian culture.

LinkedIn: Peter Paul Junior Akanko

Joseph Anyinka

Innovations Manager


Joseph is a fashion enthusiast who loves to showcase African fabrics. He loves the richness and royalty Kente brings to fashion and is passionately creating the needed space for the Kente Master brand

Parag Bapna

Chief Operating Officer

UPenn ‘17

Parag has always had an interest in entrepreneurship, and when he visited Ghana in the summer after his freshman year, he met Peter Paul and the two became best buds. After returning to Penn the following semester, Parag started working with Kente Master to lay the groundwork for its international expansion.

LinkedIn: Parag Bapna

Production: How It’s Made

Kente Master has formed partnerships with various weaving associations in Ghana who create Kente through the same traditional means by which it was first woven centuries ago. This means they handcraft and design everything: thread, color, pattern, weaving, and seaming, ultimately leaving the consumer with an authentic, quality product that really stoles the show.

Media Recognition

From our valued customers to several media outlets, everyone recognizes the quality we bring to the table.

Ayiba Magazine


The Voix

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Our Work

Our Social Impact

Kente Master cares about the economic empowerment of the communities in which Kente is created. It helps achieve this empowerment by expanding the reach of these communities and helping them forge partnership with large, international clients.

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 Are you ready to #StandOutFromTheCrowd? We are currently taking orders for the 2017 graduation cycle for Kente graduation stoles. If you would like to get a quote on your desired order, reach out to us at penn.kente@gmail.com

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